CMS Training

Content Management System Training [September 15 - 16]

On September 15-16, the Regional Programme Coordination Unit delivered a content management system training for the Pacific R2R Programme coordinators and managers. Over two days participants were trained on the use of the Drupal Content Management System a software tool that lets users add, publish, edit, or remove content from a website, using a web browser on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Project managers have the ability to edit the information on the projects they manage, as well as post related news and resources to the website. Participants were trained on the process of managing content, and the associated publishing approval workflows.

Learning Outcomes from two-day training:

  • Be familiar with the structure of the Pacific R2R Programme website;
  • Understand the process of adding, publishing and editing or removing content from their project webpages;
  • Be able to begin to manage project webpages.
RMI CMS training