Main Issues:

Biodiversity (BD) Strategy:

The R2R program promotes the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and the maintenance of ecosystem goods and services through the improved management of existing and new protected areas, sector reforms to conserve and sustainable use biological diversity, and the incorporation of biodiversity conservation and sustainable use into planning frameworks. Three of the BD Strategic objectives for GEF 5 are addressed by projects in the program (BD 1, 2, 5). The program supports the development and implementation of comprehensive protected areas systems and helps build the capacity required to achieve their financial sustainability consistent with BD-1: Improve Sustainability of Protected Area Systems in order to strengthen PA management effectiveness. The program is consistent with BD-2Mainstream Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use into Production Landscapes, Seascapes and Sectors in that it will increase and expand sustainably managed landscapes and seascapes that integrate biodiversity conservation while maintaining economic livelihoods that are closely tied to maintenance of healthy ecosystems. Watershed protection and sustainable forest management for water-related ecosystem services will translate seamlessly to biodiversity conservation along with incorporation of biodiversity conservation into policies and programs. Several national projects in the program aim to assist in meeting objective BD-5: Integrate CBD Obligations into National Planning Processes through Enabling Activities.


Focal Area Objectives Expected FA Outcomes Expected FA Outputs

1.1: Improved management effectiveness of existing and new protected areas.

1.2: Increased revenue for protected area systems to meet total expenditures required for management.

New protected areas (number) and coverage (hectares) of unprotected ecosystems.

Sustainable financing plans (number).

BD2 2.2: Measures to conserve and sustainably use biodiversity incorporated in policy and regulatory frameworks.

Policies and regulatory frameworks for production sectors.

National and sub-national land-use that incorporate biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services valuation.


5.1 Development and sectoral planning frameworks at country level integrate measurable biodiversity conservation and sustainable use targets

Development and sectoral planning frameworks that include measurable biodiversity conservation and sustainable use targets in the following sectors: agriculture, fisheries and tourism sectors