Project Overview

This project will support Palau’s two linked national efforts to protect biodiversity and sustainably use natural resources: the Protected Areas Network (PAN) and the Sustainable Land Management (SLM) Initiative. In addition, this project will support coordination between the two efforts and other cross-sector issues that transcend boundaries and sectors. The PAN focuses on locally managed marine and terrestrial protected areas. The SLM addresses land uses and both direct and indirect impacts outside of protected areas. When coordinated, the PAN and SLM will provide Palau with a powerful framework to manage resources sustainably from the local to the national levels. This project provides critical enabling support for national coordination of and builds capacity to manage cross-sector issues within and beyond these individual initiatives.

Results Framework

Strategic Objectives:

GEF strategic long‐term objective: Biodiversity

Strategic programme for GEF 5: BD‐1, BD‐2, LD‐3, SFM/REDD‐1, IW‐1

Priority: Ecosystem Management