SPC 2020 Results Workshop

Pacific R2R Programme nominated for outstanding results in 2020

The Pacific R2R Programme was nominated by the Pacific Community (SPC) Geoscience Energy and Maritime Division for outstanding results to showcase at the end of year 2020 Pacific Community (SPC) annual learning and results workshop.

Teams across SPC convened to reflect and peer-review results achieved during the year, discussing lessons learned and documenting the necessary adaptations made to progress work with SPC members.

Pacific R2R Regional Programme Coordinator Samasoni Sauni said: “Lessons learned is cornerstone in development work, and the SPC annual learning and results workshop is especially important to bring all Divisions together to collectively assess progress against SPC’s Strategic Plan, and our work in service to the Pacific.”

“Having the Pacific R2R Programme showcased for the first time is testament to the innovation and application of the holistic, ecosystem-based Ridge to Reef approach for sustainable development in the region,” he said.

Leading the Pacific R2R Programme’s contribution to annual reflections and results process, Communications and Knowledge Management Advisor Dr. Fononga Vainga Mangisi-Mafileo said some key takeaways workshop participants on R2R implementation, included:

  • Stakeholder understanding of R2R approach and principles, to ensure genuine engagement, partnership and alignment of interventions to national interests throughout the process and beyond (relevance, effectiveness and sustainability)
  • Understanding national triple bottom-line context – environmental, socio-economic and political contexts, and cultural values and nuances for fit-for-purpose design and effective and sustained adoption and impact of new technologies for sustainable development.
  • Identify and enable champions from community to cabinet through capacity building - education, application and advocacy (policy briefs for policymakers)

Dr. Mangisi-Mafileo said: “The Pacific R2R Programme is excited to support this SPC-wide peer-to-peer learning process in gathering evidence and lessons from implementation experience to inform the organization’s management, performance improvement, prioritisation and programming.”

“The Pacific R2R Programme has participated in these annual workshops in the past, but this is the first time we have been nominated, which is a milestone,” she highlighted.

“This is very promising for what the future might hold, to rethink conventional models and paradigms of thinking and working towards more resilient futures not just for the Pacific region, but globally,” she concluded.

Facilitated by the Strategy, Performance and Learning Team, on behalf of the SPC Executive, the workshop is a space for the Executive, Directors, Deputy Directors, Team Leads, Programme Managers and Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Network focal points to engage on SPC’s work across the organization.

Pivoting, as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic was a key highlight, to prepare the organization for what is looking to be another challenging year ahead.

Results will be incorporated in to an SPC report to its 26-member governing body, the Committee of Representatives of Governments and Administrations (CRGA) in 2021.