Graduate Diploma in R2R Sustainable Development - anderson

Anderson Anjo


Conservation and Environment Protection Authority


Papua New Guinea

Learning Impact and Change

How has the Ridge to Reef Sustainable Development graduate program with James Cook University changed your life – personally, and professionally? 

The Ridge to Reef Sustainable Development graduate program course help me in so many ways. Most notably, this program has equipped me with much needed skills sets, knowledge and experience to work confidently in the organization I work with. Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (CEPA) is the environmental regulator in the country and we deal with so many projects. I work with the Environment Protection division where I assess environment permit application, and do compliance and enforcement activities on transnational mining projects, agriculture projects, infrastructure projects and manufacturing projects. And this R2R Program have given me the skills and knowledge I needed to carry out the work more meaningfully. 

Tell us the keys to your successful completion? 

On personal level, this has given me confidence to advise my colleagues and others who needed help with environmental monitoring, developing environmental monitoring programs, acquiring data, analysing data and writing reports. 

Why is R2R Sustainable Development vital for your country, and for the world? 

The skills and knowledge gained from these R2R Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma were significant and timely for me. They fill knowledge and skill gaps that 

most of us had. This gave me the confidence needed to write reports, briefs, and any decision made on behalf of my organization. As the organization I work with regulates transnational cooperates, especially mining projects, agriculture projects, constructions projects, and other development projects, the R2R Program help me to work professionally and with this I believe impacted other international counterparts too. 

Such knowledge and skill gained, gave me confidence to work with top level scientists, bureaucrats, technocrats, and all level and types of stakeholders from with the country as well as from abroad. With this qualification, I have gained confidence from my supervisors and I was entrusted to carry out project and lead teams. Hence, the R2R Program was a real blessing for our countries. 

What is next for you, and how will you continue to champion R2R? 

The R2R has given me a lot. The next step is to work well and to regulated the industry as per the Environment Act 2000 to protect the biophysical environment, the socioecology, and all types of ecosystem from the highlands to the coast of PNG.