Submitted by eightyoptions on 13-Mar-2020

The R2R programme as a whole will be guided by an R2R Program Steering Committee (PSC) which will meet annually to review progress, provide strategic guidance and advice, and facilitate program level coordination and communication. The R2R PSC will include representatives from each PIC.

The regional project will provide overall R2R coordination support and will be executed through the Pacific Community (SPC). UNDP has a firmly established partnership with SPC as an Executing Agency with strong comparative advantage in water and coastal resources management and this R2R programme component will build on and complement the existing UNDP/UNEP/SPC efforts and partnerships.

The Regional Programme Coordinator leads the R2R Program Coordinating Unit (PCU) which provides technical and programmatic support not only for the regional project activities but also for the national R2R projects as may be requested by the countries.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Effective coordination of overall programme, national and regional projects delivers enhanced program effectiveness, efficiency and delivery.

Expected Outputs:

  1. Functioning overall program coordination unit contributing to coordinated effort among STAR national projects in Yr 1;
  2. Technical and operational support provided to national R2R projects to facilitate timely delivery of overall program goals;
  3. National inter-ministerial committee oversight of integrated approaches and national reporting;
  4. Pacific Ridge-to-Reef Network, online capacity building modules, and web portal consistent with GEF IW:LEARN guidance in place by year 2.