Project Overview

The present project falls under umbrella of ‘Strengthening the Management effectiveness of the National System of Protected Areas’ programme that will be implemented by CEPA (Outputs 1.1 - 1.4, Component 1) using National Implementation Modality (NIM) and by NGOs Woodland Park Zoo (Outputs 2.1 and 2.2, Component 2)and Tenkile Conservation Alliance (Outputs 2.3 and 2.4, Component 2). The present project covers Component 1 of the ‘Strengthening the Management Effectiveness of the National System of Protected Areas’ programme.

Component 1 will be implemented by CEPA and focuses on supporting management capabilities of the PNG State to oversee Protected Area Management through supporting the transition from DEC to CEPA, implementing the CEPA Act of May 2014,as well as the operationalization and implementation of the draft PNG Policy on protected Areas (PNG PAP), component 1 focuses on four outputs:

(i) Policies relating to PA Management and Biodiversity Conservation strengthened; (ii) Capacity of CEPA emplaced for effective management of the National PA System, (iii) Training Programs targeting PA managers institutionalized and (iv) Effective management of Varirata NP and its integration into the broader Sogeri Plains Landscape.

The Varirata National Park (VNP) will be established as a national best practice example for PA management under CEPA leadership, and used as a testing ground for relevant implementation instruments for PA management. As such a biodiversity monitoring, law enforcement and other protocols, standards and guidance will be developed and tested with field staff. The expansion of the VNP to link into the larger Sogeri Plateau complex will be initiated, establishing a sizable protected area with visible ecosystem service protection.

Sedimentation and siltation rates of key water reservoirs supplying the capital Port Moresby will be improved. Additionally livelihoods improvements for local land owners will be achieved and benefit sharing opportunities and mechanisms as set out in the PNG’s Protected Areas Policy (PNG PAP) will be tested at this site.

The total budget for Component 1 is US$5,609,176.


Results Framework

UNDP Strategic Plan Environment and Sustainable Development Primary Outcome:
1. Growth and development are inclusive and sustainable incorporating productive capacities that create employment and livelihoods for the poor and exclude.
Outcome Indicator:
1.5. Hectares of land that are managed sustainably under a conservation, sustainable use or access and benefits sharing regime.
Expected CP Outcome(s):
Reduced vulnerability to natural disasters and climate change, improved environmental and natural
resource management, and promotion of energy conservation through access to affordable and renewable energy, particularly in off-grid local communities.
Expected CP Output(s):
Enhanced institutional and communities’ capacity for environmental conservation and use of naturalresources
Executing Entity/Implementing Partner:
Conservation and Environmental Protection Agency (CEPA)
Implementing Entity/Responsible Partners:
Conservation and Environmental Protection Agency (CEPA) and United Nations Development Programme