The Terrestrial team members working on the new nursery at Popua today

Nuku’alofa – October 21, 2020: 2pm (Enviro News): Making sure there are local plants for future replacements has brought the ILAM Project and the Department of Environment together in a new nursery project.

The ILAM Project is part of the Pacific Ridge to Reef Project.

The project has funded the construction of the new nursery with materials that are needed.

Environment is providing the manpower and the technical people to oversee the project.

The new nursery is located in the middle of the Popua mangroves swamp.

Environment’s Terrestrial Unit team leader Hoifua ‘Aholahi said the new nursery is important as it will house mangrove seedlings as well as other coastal plants.

“We will house them here and then use them to replace plants in areas that we will identify,” he said.

“This is important to ensure that we can save some of our own local plants.”

He said the partnership with ILAM was greatly appreciated.

“We need more of this partnerships as everyone needs to pitch in to help save our environment,” he added.

The team hopes that the new nursery will be ready before the cyclone season starts in November.

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