Feagaiga Penivao


LMMA Officer


Tuvalu STAR R2R Project



Learning Impact and Change

How has the Ridge to Reef Sustainable Development graduate program with James Cook University changed your life – personally, and professionally?

The program enhanced my skills and capacity on natural resources management with improvement on biodiversity monitoring and mitigations measures to alleviate environmental issues. The course moulded my career to a professional expertise on environmental assessment, monitoring and strengthen institutional network with regional, national partners and local community. Advanced skills on environmental planning with addressing issues in Tuvalu.

Tell us the keys to your successful completion?

JCU course has provide appropriate program to assist R2R project in providing effective technical assistance to stakeholders and local communities to dealt with environmental issues. Learning modules fully understandable and comprehensive for me to follow and completed assignment as required per course.

Why is R2R Sustainable Development vital for your country, and for the world?

R2R Sustainable Development is a long-term solution for any environmental related issues that driven from climate change and also from human development. Fully provided strategies to hidden issues that hardly seen and neglected by the country.

What is next for you, and how will you continue to champion R2R?

Strengthen R2R program with national government and local communities with assistance from regional partners and collective efforts from key stakeholders. Further studies with JCU provide window for improvement technical capacity with innovative strategies that assist program in Tuvalu.