Crispina Konelio


Project Manager


National GEF IW R2R

Town/Country Niue

How has the Ridge to Reef Sustainable Development graduate programme with James Cook University change your life-personally and professionally

Personally: This graduate program of Ridge to Reef Sustainable Development with James Cook University is a total succession from my perspective, that there is a lot more to learning and to understand the diversification not only around our own small island biodiversity but as a wider community with a lot of connectivity between ecosystems in the Pacific.

Professionally: I enjoy learning opportunities like pursuing this graduate program and as an Academia we have a responsibility to bring benefits to our communities and working collaboratively with our government and regional organisations to enrich our profession in our work. 

Tell us the keys to your successful completion:

The most highlight for me is the group of IW R2R Project Managers and R2R STAR Project Managers we come together and become one big FAMILY, one Big TEAM at sharing our knowledge and sharing our different backgrounds that can relate to the purpose of pursuing R2R Sustainable Development program, and I truly learn a lot from this program and this knowledge I gained will be my gift as one of the Pacific Ridge to Reef Team.

Why is R2R Sustainable Development vital for your country, and for this world?

R2R Sustainable Development is vital for my country, knowing that from the Ridge to the Reef (Tumuakifonua kehe Uluulu) is one main resource for everyone in Niue, that we as custodians must play a role at protecting, conserving and managing our fragile ecosystem for the future of Niue.

What is next for you, and how will you continue to champion R2R

To be part of R2R and continue to expand and utilize my knowledge to help champion R2R Sustainable Development in Niue.