Compost bins provided for better waste management practice

Fiji One (Suva, Fiji) Four villagers along the Waimanu River in Naitasiri will now have proper waste management practice to safeguard the environment.

This was after a total of forty compost bins were handed over to four villages by the Minister for Agriculture, Waters and Environment, Hon. Dr. Mahendra Reddy in Sawani yesterday. This handover was a significant step by the Ministry as it commemorated the 2020 world Environment Day with an aim to protect and safeguard biodiversity and encourage proper waste management practices amongst Fijians.

While handing over the compost bins, Minister Reddy alluded towards the importance of keeping a clean and sustainable environment to safeguard the biodiversity and biological species.

Minister Reddy reiterated the environment and biological resources should be taken care of as human behaviors determine the health of the environment that will be left for future generations.

“While we say that our forest resources are renewable, there are certain acts that can make it completely non-renewable and you must understand that certain behavior of yours will deprive the future generation of benefiting from our biological resources”, Dr. Reddy said.

“Everyone has a moral responsibility to ensure that we look after our natural environment, therefore the first responsibility is to educate and build wisdom amongst our children to appreciate, value, enhance and build resilience in our nature”.

Minister Reddy further reiterated that the compost bins will not only provide a thriving environment for biodiversity but will also contribute significantly towards the reduction and the utilization of the chemical fertilizers on the farm. 


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